I’m at the internet cafe for an hour and I currently only have 5 minutes to write something now. I sold my MacAir so I normally rent a Personal computers anywhere. Dang!

Happy holidays!


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Trouble in Remembering People’s Names

I wonder why I have a lot of trouble in remembering names of people I’ve met or known for a long time. This happens to me when after so many months or years of not seeing each other, I tend to forget names or nicknames, but at least, not by faces. Most of my friends would tell me “you don’t have a talent” when they realized that I easily forget names. I was like “I’m sorry, I don’t have a talent!?!”

My college professor in Humanities began his class by apologizing in advance of any chances of forgetting names to anyone in the future, or later, in the room. So, I realized, I’m not alone on this.

One time, I went to a college reunion when all I did was to ask people’s names around to my close friends in two years of absence. There was an instance too when I’ve met my coach somewhere down the road after four years, and I suddenly asked her name after we stayed and talked for a while because I couldn’t help figuring out her name the longer I think.

I’d like to think that, maybe, because when you’re mind is not focused or too busy to catch a name. Or, maybe, less interested to someone you used to know.

Mostly in my case, I often change my address. Transferring to places to places. I met people in every place I’d been to, so I really tend to forget someone’s name. I can’t help it. It’s natural. Oblivion.

Saying to someone “I’m sorry, I don’t recall your name. What’s your name again?” is definitely rude to ask. However, assuming and pretending is a lot rude, especially when you’re “caught”. So, you don’t have a choice but to ask, apologize and explain that you have a tendency of forgetting names. We’re humans, accept it.


It’s so touching and overwhelming that someone like Justin Bieber would come to the Philippines personally to show some love for the people who were affected by Yolanda typhoon. I admit it, I agreed to KC Montero’s tweet about the possible bad outcome of his visit. Some just couldn’t imagine, who’s one of the most popular personalities, would dare come down to Tacloban. They said, most of the people are still mourning in the place, and it might get worse because of the crowd of people. I mean… he’s Justin Bieber, come on!

I seriously thought, it was a long and paid concert in a big stage, as I imagined, just like his concerts on Believe Tour. That, I only found out, it was more of a drop by visit. So, there.

I was a great-great-great fan of Justin Bieber, really, no kidding. I was seriously like a 17-year-old acting so in love with him, and even defended him many times to my friends. However, I became “just” a fan after hearing headlines about his bad behavior for the past few months, not to mention his bad image during his concerts in Brazil, etc. Some people think of this as a publicity stunt after he allegedly called the Philippines as a “garbage”, and even made fun of Manny Pacquiao’s photo on his Instagram after his loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.

Even so, I am still thankful of him for raising funds for the victims of Yolanda (Haiyan), reaching over 600,000 US dollars, and counting. Nonetheless, I hope that the government of the Philippines won’t eat the relief funds, as it will really go to those who are in need. I wish they could also do raising politicians, like literary people from other countries who would take over the Philippine government, and so there would be no corruption issue on going right now. (The sentence before this sentence is sarcasm, okay?)

Anyway, people will never forget the cheers and hopes he gave and showed today. One resident said that they even forgot the pain they felt at the moment Justin was there singing and caroling for them. After hearing and seeing those, either publicity or not, I am still proud by taking his time to visit the Philippines which is the best than never.

Thank you, Justin Bieber. You inspired millions of people today. God bless you!

Unemployed, yet wonderful.

It’s been almost 3 months since I stopped working. Yes, all I do is to eat donuts at home (gaining fats, hell yeah!). Listening to music on my bed (feeling like a rock star!). It makes me relax and never stress myself with anything. These are the perks I’m getting for almost 4 years of being employed in three different companies.

This is good. I’m not obliged and responsible at anything from my bosses and co-workers. I wake up everyday whenever I want to. So cool. This is simply an awesome job, to be jobless. Less worry.

Though, there are things that urge me to be productive, and at least, earn my own income.

1. miss staying in a work environment.

2. Hanging out with my co-workers, laughing and eating.

3. Money, money!

4. Pressures and deadlines, I call “bliss”.

5. Gossips of people

6. Experiences and Knowledge (Hahaha, what?)

But, hey, you know what. I’m actually employed, by heart because I can blog (as what I always wanted to do) and do so many research and news, what a long break this is!

Few of the things I couldn’t do before are here in front of me. I’m taking advantage of it for now, because I know soon I’ll be back to school and work my ass.

Time Journey

When I was kid, I would always look up in the sky dreaming to become an astronaut one day. There was a time that I would please my father dancing happily to make him believe that I would become one. Until time had taught me that becoming an astronaut was just a dream, a bogus fantasy in the dreamland of innocence. I was then graduating from high school when I thought I would take up Biology or Nursing to pursue Medicine in the future. I thought to myself, “come what may”.

My father wanted me to go for Surgeon just like my cousin I knew as a perfect being. I knew by then until now that I have fear in blood, so I trusted myself to try majoring in English instead. I realized I’d go for teaching, as an excuse. Or Law, my father seconded the motion after his first frustration for Med. My brother agreed so I would sound smart, even though I admit I didn’t really give my best shots in school.

I, as a person before, struggled a lot in life trusting myself. I was a covert type. I never really trusted everything I could do to excel. I was so afraid to speak out, and make mistakes so I never tried. Inferiority had eaten me in full as I didn’t fight. There were mistakes in growing up as a young individual yearning to discover existence, I believe. Moving to different places to call a home made me indefinite and uncertain to what was mine, family issues and financial difficulties taught me to be tough—tough enough to be insensitive and numb. Seeking for guidance and advice was at the foolish to expect one, no one knew.

Nonetheless, I was like a rose that had never bothered to bloom when discovering the teenage life on my own perspective. I was ambitious, indeed. I remember writing poems, short stories, plays and songs (the hell I know where are those pieces now) I used to rejoice and claim. I also tried playing instrument thinking I could be a rock star someday, and believed it my calling. I once wished to be “techie” who dwells on knowledge in computer application and gadgets, for god’s sake. I even indulged myself in performing on stage, joining to theater and pageant shows in high school just to seek for attention. I was always on the other way, unfocused—thinking I was invulnerable.

I’ve always wanted to work in a big company just like what we see in the movies. And, so after college, I was forced to find my way there. I was trying to be realistic and independent from my own cage as my chance. After almost four years in there, I realized this was not enough and there might be something that’s meant for me. I call it “lucky” to those who have discovered who and what they are going to be in the future, at their early stage. But, “bliss” to those who seek adventure and seize the day like it’s the last—A “journey”, not a destination. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s the journey that’s really highlighting your path. My teacher in Literature once said, “Try what you want to try, do what you want to do. Don’t wait ‘til you grow old.” Just go with the flow, you’ll discover who you are inside.

Some people would judge “you’ve never done anything worthy”, but the truth is I never really regret anything. In fact, my experiences serve as my armor in every battle I have to face. I always wanted to be part of media and communication since after my college exposure. I maybe am too vague and indecisive in searching for what I wanted, but I’ll never stop from learning and independence. Just like what Walt Disney had quoted, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”  I’m getting ready to seek for knowledge again, and by this time, I’ll take what’s meant for me.

Hello from a girl wandering somewhere else!

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

World's Map

I would definitely travel the world like what beauty queens do. I would help and share my wealth to everywhere I go, at the same time, learn and discover their culture, food, religion, and museums or landmarks.

I like big cities a lot. I love the smell of the air in the malls, the sound of the vehicles rushing on their way, and the voices of the different people walking with me in the street.

I love to travel. I wish I was a real independently wealthy so I could take pictures and tag it as a great exciting adventure.